Sonya Mackintosh

Sonya Mackintosh is the founder and designer of smARTWORKS, Inc. where she has been designing scarves and managing their production and business since 1994. Her BA degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and diverse textile-based professional experiences lead her to success and joy in owning her own scarf production company in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. Drawn to the textures, colors, and patterns found in nature, Sonya's resulting scarves are nubby and uniquely three-dimensional with a mixture of fabrics and tones. Sonya achieves the quality for which smARTWORKS is known by manipulating traditional knitting looms and finding innovative ways to use them. She also enjoys experimenting with combinations of yarns that are effected differently by heat and water and uses only the finest Merino wool, cotton, and cashmere fibers.

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