Round Etruscan Necklace

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Salvaged birch-bark becomes a beautiful canvas in which Tessoro's Deborah Bushinski creates her “green” jewelry. The bark's natural textures and colors in contrast with precious metals creates artistic jewelry for every woman, everyday. The necklace, with 23k gold leaf, sterling silver, freshwater pearl, and 14k gold fill wire and chain measures 1.75 inches x 1.75 inches. The chain is 24 inches long. Handcrafted in US.

About the Artist

Tessoro Jewelry

Deborah Bushinski first began creating jewelry as an extension of her painting and contribution to fashion. Deborah spent many years as a fine art studio painter and clothing designer in the Northern Minnesota woodlands. In these early years spent studying natural for in the wild, Bushinski honed her design sensibility. After years of developing on the sidelines, Tessoro Inc. was officially launched in 1998; it was met with immediate success. Using cured birch-bark along with precious metals and gemstones, Tessoro jewelry incorporates the rough and wild feel inspired by nature with the refined and timeless fashion sensibility to create art jewelry for everyday wear.

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