About Us

From its humble beginnings in 1978, the dmg has evolved in the last three decades to become one of the most popular and unique jewelry and craft galleries in Massachusetts. Located in downtown Northampton, the gallery features an outstanding collection of museum-quality crafts and designer jewelry from over 300 artists. It has received many industry awards including American Craft Retailer of the Year, Coolest Small Store and Top 10 Designer Retailers {Jeweler's Circular Keystone}.

Upon the retirement of its founder, Don Muller, in 2012, the business continues under new owner, Maya MacLachlan, who has dedicated herself to the gallery for the past fourteen years: “It has been a dream job of surrounding myself with unique works of art, representing talented artists, and helping customers. It is with much excitement and honor that I continue this passion as the new owner. You will continue to experience the same reliable service, friendly assistance, and neighborly conversations as before. I will continue to bring you the best of the best in the craft and jewelry industry with new artists, unique merchandise, and exciting special events.” The dmg is committed to providing a venue for award-winning artists, local talent, and emerging artisans. It focuses on distinctive handmade jewelry, glass, wood, metal and ceramics and has recently gained a reputation for showcasing unusual and exceptional engagement rings and wedding bands.



Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I'm simple and organic in style, but I like to enhance my wardrobe with edgy jewelry and shoes!
Q: Favorite artists @ the dmg?
A: Ananda Khalsa and Todd Reed.
Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
A: I like an eclectic mix including music from other cultures.
Q: Favorite glass piece @ the dmg?
A: Kliss Glass botanicals.


Q: You have your own jewelry line. Do you have a favorite?
A: Wedding rings are my favorite pieces to make. They are a wonderful outlet for creativity within confined parameters. The symbolism of the wedding ring is ancient and strong. It is a joy to work with couples who are in love with each other and who want to show off that love to the world.
Q: What's your favorite movie?
A: I love any movie with Danny Kaye in it! He's a hero of mine, along with Pete Seeger and the author Geraldine Brooks.
Q: Your favorite dmg artist?
A: Choosing a favorite DMG artist is very difficult. I am honored to be surrounded by the work of so many talented artists. One favorite is Blackthorne Forge, who makes really cool forged iron and copper clocks.