Fish Measuring Cups with Post

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Enjoy cooking and baking with these utilitarian and decorative measuring cups by Crosby and Taylor. The set, which includes four cups and a display post, features a fish along the handles, and a hand hammered cup! Pewter spoons and post. The post is 9.5” tall. Handcrafted in US.

About the Artist

Crosby & Taylor

Crosby & Taylor is a small family business owned and operated by Deborah and Jim Chapman. Originally established as Tin Woodsman Pewter in 1986, they re-branded in 2010 as Crosby & Taylor. The name, Crosby & Taylor, pays respect to Deborah's ancestors, who were Cape Cod-based merchant sea captains, who would bring treasures back from around the world -- many of which treasures inspire the works of Crosby & Taylor today.

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