Large Green Violet Glass Octopus

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One of nature's curiosities is beautifully captured in this hand blown octopus sculpture. Using vibrant colors for a dramatic look, the artist captures the sea creature's fluid movements brilliantly! Measures approx. 11.25 x 10 x 5.5 inches. Color and shape may vary slightly as each piece is handblown. Handcrafted in the US.

About the Artist

Michael Hopko

Michael Hopko has had a long love of glass blowing, having been introduced to the art form at an early age. Michael Hopko began his journey as a glass artist in 1990 as an art student at Shasta College. After college, he worked as an apprentice glass blower with several different artists in California. Hopko art glass, formerly know as Soul Glass, has long been recognized for their colorful Octopus line. Michael has said that he gains his creative energy from his family, friends and companions. He is driven by the desire to be considered someone who has dedicated his life mastering his interpretation of nature, recreated and preserved in glass.

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