Large Wave Bowl

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Large Wave Bowl

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This decorative vessel brings a graphic eye to a tactile medium of clay with eye-catching color combinations and surface textures. In its simplicity and contrasting hues of purple and cranberry, the bowl will be a beautiful focal point in any space. Measures 7” x 10”.

About the Artist


Emily Rossheim had operated her ceramic business for 30 years before meeting Tom Marrinson. Through Tom's craftsmanship, Emily saw an immediate kinship, and in 2006, the successful partnership of Rossheim/Marrison Studios was born. Rossheim/Marrinson pottery brings a graphic eye to a tactile medium. Appreciating the intrinsic earthy quality of clay, the surface of their bowls is treated with textures that invite touch. The simple forms of the bowls combined with the use of vibrant, contrasting hues creates a sense of curiosity and awe. No matter the color, shape, or size, these ceramic works are sure to enhance any space.

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