Pink Brown Large Fish Bowl Sunset Vase

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In colors reminiscent of an island sunset near the equator, this hand-painted glass vase will bring the warmth of nature into any space. Made of cast glass and finished with archival-quality oil paints and enamels, this piece is functional and can be washed. The vase should not be displayed in direct sunlight as the paint is sensitive to prolonged UV exposure. Hand wash only. Measures 7.25 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 4 inches deep. Made in US.

About the Artist

Mary-Melinda Wellsandt

Seattle based artist Mary-Melinda Wellsandt has been making “pretty things” ever since she was a child. Today, she creates functional glass forms that are organic, exuberant, and entirely original. Mary-Melinda's pieces feature natural motifs that are based directly upon her own drawings and photographs. These images are etched into the glass and then hand painted to create colorful and richly textured surfaces for a unique look. Mary-Melinda is an artist who truly enjoys her work, and loves to make objects that will be a useful and beautiful part of their owners' lives for years to come!

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