Round Bowl

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Carved out of wood sourced locally from the backwoods of Eastern Ontario, this ebonized oak bowl by Stinson Studios is a functional piece and a natural beauty. The bowl is finished with a food-safe combination of vegetable oil and a beeswax-mineral oil. Hand-wash only with soap and water, and allow to fully dry. Do not let sit or soak in water. Re-oil with any food-grade oil as needed. Measures approximately 11” x 4”. Handcrafted in Canada.

About the Artist

Stinson Studios

In the early 80s, in the backwoods of Eastern Ontario, Don Stinson made a living turning and making furniture, expressing himself creatively by hand crafting wooden bowls and burls in a hundred year old horse stable. Since then, the bowls and burls have taken center stage, and the business has grown in size and gained international recognition. What was once a one-man show has evolved into a two-generation family business that shines internationally while still keeping true to the heart and roots of the business. They strive with every piece they create to bring a part of this world to the people who receive their work, no matter if they live in bustling cities half way around the globe, or in the little house next door.

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