Denim & Orchid Chunk Cuff

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Sleek, ultra-chic cuffs by Lema J are bold in color, daring in design, and so versatile that there is a cuff for every style! The cuff is made of denim colored polished stingray leather, with an orchid deerskin liner. Measures 1.5in wide. The cuffs are adjustable, but should only be adjusted once to prevent the leather from loosening. Handcrafted in the US.

About the Artist

Lema J

Sisters Jenny Benscher and Jill Becker founded Lema J in November of 2013. Their premiere collection of cuffs is entirely handcrafted out of exotic hides, lined with soft lambskin and set in a variety of finishes. The pieces are bold in color, daring in design, and so versatile in style that the collection appeals to hip and sophisticated women (and men!) of all ages. Lema J, however, is more than just another jewelry line. In the fall of 2012, Jill's 21-year-old daughter Cara was diagnosed with leukemia. During the course of Cara's treatment, she and her family started Karma for Cara, a foundation with the three-fold mission of: engaging youth, awarding unsung heroes, and tangibly helping patients with leukemia. When Cara passed away in December 2012, Jenny hand crafted a cuff in Cara's favorite color (orange), adorned it with the protective eye, and gave it to her sister, Jill, as a gift. Though they did not know it at the time, this cuff--now called the "Karma for Cara Cuff"--was the beginning of Lema J Design. Lema J is committed to making jewelry that is not only beautiful but also purposeful: jewelry with a cause. This is why 100% of the profits from every sale are donated to the Karma for Cara Foundation in the hopes of furthering Cara’s mission and inspiring love, empowerment, motion and adventure in as many lives as possible.

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