Oval Green Lustre Vase

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Texture and iridescence are finely illustrated in this handblown glass vase from the artist's Luster Series. The simple forms combined with the use of opalescent colors create a beautiful statement in your home. Measures 8.5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide by 3.25 inches deep. Handcrafted in US.

About the Artist

Tom Stoenner

Tom Stoenner has hand blown fine art glass for over three decades. The artist aspires to create a line of artisan glassware with the intention of replacing manufactured household items with handmade artwork suitable for everyday use. Stoenner's line is functional, with clean lines and contemporary silhouettes. Stoenner creates a balanced dichotomy in his work between the crisp figuration of his designs and his use of vivid color and an organic, marbling texture. Along with the functionality of Stoenner's work comes and inerrant association and intimacy between the artist and the patron. He states, "I have always believed that things made by hand offer a shared experience between the maker and the user. A simple object can forge connections." Stoenner continues to design and produce his art glass out of New York State.

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